First Day of Class

What to expect your first day of glass blowing class…

Attire Requirements

No sandals or open toe footwear in the studio. Wear a comfortable shoe since you will be standing for a long period of time.

● Avoid wearing synthetic clothing as it can melt. Cotton clothing is recommended.

● Refrain from wearing loose, dangling clothing and jewelry as it can get in the way of your work and possibly the torch flame.

● If you have long hair you will need to tie it back so it doesn’t get in the way of your work and possibly the torch flame.

How to Dress (based on the weather)

(Colder Seasons) With the studio being a manufacturing facility, the temperature of the building fluctuates based on the season. In the winter time it can get very cold. Although the studio is heated, it can still be very chilly in areas. Layers that you can take off or a sweatshirt you can put on is highly recommended.

(Warmer Seasons) If you are taking a class during the summer, it can get extremely warm in the studio. Unfortunately, the studio is not air conditioned. Keep in mind if it is an 80° day, the studio may be 20° warmer than outside. This time of year it is important to dress accordingly with light clothing, closed toed shoes and to bring a drink or two to keep hydrated.

Personal Belongings

There is a locker for each student. Please use it to keep your personal belongings safe during the time you are on the torch. Personal items are not allowed near the torches as they may be a distraction or worse case they could get burned.

If you bring a lunch you are welcome to keep it in our fridge. You may also eat your food in our lounge area during break times. We have a water/ice dispenser that is available for all class participants. Please bring your own cup when possible.


Any other questions about our glass blowing facility before your first day of class?  We are more than happy to help make your first day at the studio as comfortable as possible! Shoot us an email or call during regular business hours if you need to know more :)