Guided Torch Time

This can be accommodated during any of our regular scheduled classes.
In order to sign up for Guided Torch Time (GTT) at least ONE of the following requirements must be met:

  1. You have completed all levels of workshops offered at Stone Arch Glass Studio.
  2. You are an experienced glass blower that has taken our Safety Briefing and Intro to Boro 1.1 to determine your skill set for GTT.
  3. You have been approved by the studio manager to partake in GTT.

During Guided Torch Time (GTT) you will have an instructor available for questions that may arise, but please remember this is not one-on-one torch time. The instructor will be focusing on the class they are giving, which you are welcome to tune in on. This is your chance to practice and perfect your current glass blowing skill set, rather than learn lots of new techniques. During regular scheduled class times, we have a maximum capacity for 5 torches to be in use. This means there may be limits on how many glass blowers can be taking GTT on any given class day, so please be sure to call ahead to reserve your torch!

  • Guided Torch Time cost is $25/hour
  • Includes glass blowing protective eyewear (glasses), Tools and Torch time.
  • No Raw Material is included. We have a wide variety of raw material available at the studio, along with great deals and “fire sale” items.
  • No outside materials/torches/tools etc. are permitted without prior consent. This is to protect you and our equipment from possible damage when using improper tools and/or materials. Any questions about what you can bring – please ask our studio manager or studio assistants for more info prior to your GTT.