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We offer a variety of classes & workshops to help you become a better glass blower!

Start fresh with our Introduction to Borosilicate Classes and work your way up to our Functional Creations Workshop!  Regardless of what combination of classes you take, you will walk away with a great start to the art of glass blowing. We are always here to help, let us know if there’s something more you are looking to learn!

Signed up for class, but wondering what to wear or bring with you? Here is some information on studio requirements for your first day of class (click here).

Our Workshops

  • Introduction to Borosilicate: Learn the basics of glass blowing from safety to basic tools and techniques.  After completing this 2 part workshop you will have the skills necessary to move on to our more advanced offerings.
  • Vessel Formation: This class focuses on the hollow form and builds upon the skills learned in the Introduction to Borosilicate workshop. After taking this class you will be fully prepared to take our Functional Creations Workshop.
  • Functional Creations: create your own customized piece utilizing and sharpening all the skills learned in the previous workshops as well as acquiring further advanced skills.

Introduction to Borosilicate: For Beginners
No Experience Required
Introduction to Borosilicate is the first step at Stone Arch Glass Studio for mastering borosilicate lampwork. This 2 part class is perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to try glass blowing and will give you a firm grasp of the fundamentals of glass blowing. The second portion of the class (1.2) can be taken multiple times to hone in skill sets.

In this 2 part class you will learn the following by a combination of hands on training and lecture all guided by our expert instructor:

Class 1.1

  • Safety fundamentals (Safety Briefing)
  • Tool and torch overview
  • Solid rod welding and gathering
  • Creation and usage of Stringers
  • Application of color
  • Mushroom marble creation

Class 1.2

  • Application of color, continued
  • Creation and usage of Stringers, continued
  • Creation and usage of Ribbon Cane
  • Caneworking
  • More time on the torch!

With these new skills you will make pendants, dabbers and prepare for accenting functional glass.  Products made in both classes will be available for pick up the following Tuesday, during studio public hours! By taking this two part class, students will be prepared for our other more advanced workshops.

What’s next?  Take the Vessel Formation Workshop for intermediate artists…

Vessel Formation Workshop: For Intermediate
Must complete Introduction to Borosilicate workshop first OR have equivalent skills
The Vessel Formation Workshop focuses on the hollow form.   The projects that you will create include a jar and a holiday ornament.

Students will learn the following via hands on training from our expert instructor:

  • Point Pulling
  • Basics of Silver Fuming
  • Basics of Point Pulling
  • Application of Color Wraps and Raking
  • Hollow Shaping

Once you complete this course you will have the foundation and knowledge of borosilicate glass blowing that will allow you to determine your own artistic direction.  Still craving more educational time behind the torch?  Try our Functional Creations Workshop…

Functional Creations Workshop: Intermediate/Advanced
Must complete Vessel Formation workshop first OR have equivalent skills
This workshop encompasses all the skills learned from the first two courses and builds upon them.  The Functional Creation Workshop is a more open class with one goal, to allow you to design and create a functional form with accents. Each student will create their own customized piece, with color shape and method of use determined by them.

Students will learn the following via hands on training from our expert instructor:

  • How to weld solid pieces to hollow pieces
  • How to create constrictions
  • Basics of Bowl Pushing
  • Shaping
  • Basics of piece layout and creation / assembly
  • Introduction to production setup

This class offers everyone the ability to create a usable piece and fine tune the skills learned in the classes. It is a requirement that everyone in attendance MUST have the skill set offered by the Introduction to Borosilicate and Vessel Formation workshops offered by Stone Arch Glass Studio.

Interested in taking your skills even further?  Ask your course instructor or the Studio Manager about the following options:

  • Advanced Workshops – focusing on individual techniques
  • One-on-One Training tailored to your specific needs
  • Guided Torch Time
  • Materials to further refine your skills