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Borosilicate lamp-work and lathe work • Material, Tools, and Torch Time •  Classes and workshops



Above: water pipes by @TyGreenLeeman


Introduction to Borosilicate 101
Learning the basics like solid rod welding and gathering, creation and use of Stringers, application of color, and making a mushroom marble.

Introduction to Borosilicate 102
More fundamentals like creation and use of Ribbon Cane, cane-working, and more time on the torch.

Vessel Formation*
Focused on point pulling, application of color wraps and raking, and the hollow shape. *Prerequisite: 101 & 102

Functional Creations**
Create your own custom piece by learning how to create constrictions, bowl pushing, shaping, layout and assembly. **Prerequisite: 103

New! Express Introduction Class

Also available: group discounts, one-on-one guided torch time, torch rental, and raw materials and professional tools.

For more information, schedules, or to register call us at 612-200-9605 or email




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