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We didn’t make a local lifestyle brand… Minnesota Made Us.


Join us for a fun open studio at Minnesota’s premier glassblowing studio during Art-A-Whirl® weekend! Stop by and check out MN Legit glass blowers in action as they craft pieces for our 2nd Annual Flame Off! Check out a full collection of never-before-seen, MN Legit artist-made pieces. Enjoy music, studio tours, and fun activities. Plus, you won’t want to miss the glass giveaways going down ALL WEEKEND!

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Above: 2017’s Flame Off 1st Place piece by @Odd_Thomas_Boro


Above: water pipes by @TyGreenLeeman


Collaborations, single-run productions, one offs… for businesses or individuals. Every job is different and must be quoted individually. Please note, the prices below are only ball-park estimates…

Joint Repair
Minnesota Legit: $22
Other Glass: $50*

Foot Repair
Minnesota Legit: $22
Other Glass: $50*

Neck, Mouth or Other Repairs
Starting at $50*

*A nonrefundable $22 deposit is required when the piece is dropped off. The remainder is due before or when it is picked up.

We do not repair China made glass.


Introduction to Borosilicate 101
Learning the basics like solid rod welding and gathering, creation and use of Stringers, application of color, and making a mushroom marble.

Introduction to Borosilicate 102
More fundamentals like creation and use of Ribbon Cane, cane-working, and more time on the torch.

Vessel Formation*
Focused on point pulling, application of color wraps and raking, and the hollow shape. *Prerequisite: 101 & 102

Functional Creations**
Create your own custom piece by learning how to create constrictions, bowl pushing, shaping, layout and assembly. **Prerequisite: 103

New! Express Introduction Class for ONLY $10!

Also available: group discounts, one-on-one guided torch time, torch rental, and raw materials and professional tools.

For more information, schedules, or to register call us at 612-200-9605 or email



316 Buchanan St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Open to the public…
Monday–Friday: Noon-5pm
There’s parking in back!

Call: 612-200-9605