Are you looking to have something repaired?
We may be able to help!

We offer repair services for all Borosilicate glassware, including but not limited to Lab Equipment & Smoking Apparatuses, and more

How to start the repair process, and what that looks like:

To begin the repair process, send us photos of the item in need of repair via email @, and let us know you’re looking for a repair quote.

From there we do a general assessment of the damage and provide you with a price quote. Our minimum repair fee is $50 (not factoring any MN Legit partial warranty coverage)

When taking your pictures, you will get the most accurate quote by providing both a close-up shot of where the break is, as well as a shot of the entire piece. The more photos of the break there are at different angles the better.

If you chose to move forward with the repair we will set up an appointment to have you drop the item off at our studio. We can also accept items via mail! (Shipping charges will be applied to have it shipped back)

Our repair service turn-around takes about 2.5 weeks on average, but it could take anywhere from 3 days to up to 5 weeks. Extra large projects could take longer. We can provide expedited service for an extra fee, depending on how fast you need it by.

Please keep in mind that all glass repairs have a chance of failure. There is never a 100% chance a glass repair will be successful. There are many factors that can lead to a failed repair. Pressure points within the worked glass, related and unrelated to the break, are what pose the biggest risk when put into a kiln/flame. The more welds and/or parts in/on an item, the higher the risk. Items made in china also have a higher risk. Certain colors encased in clear glass (especially greens) can also have a higher risk.

For this reason we take only half the fee upfront, which is non-refundable, and then the remainder is only paid upon completion of a successful repair. We have about a 95+% repair survival rate in our studio. 

Additionally, before bringing/sending any items in for repair they must be thoroughly cleaned. If the item is not sufficiently cleaned a $25 hazard/cleaning fee per item will be applied to your initial non-refundable down payment.

The item should be free from residues, stickers, tape, tape residue, glues, or anything else inside or applied to the item that is not glass (aside from brand decals). Any items received in the studio with glue on them will be declined.

Items in need of repair must be cleaned for several reasons, including the safety of the glassblowers, and that any residues can contaminate the area of repair which can cause further breakage leading to a failed repair.

Is the item you’re looking to repair MN Legit brand? We offer a partial warranty on all MN Legit repair services! Let us know the item you’re looking to repair is MN Legit and we will adjust your price quote accordingly.


Repair FAQ’s:

Q: What warranty do you offer on MN Legit products?
A: The MN Legit repair warranty covers half the cost of the repair.

Q: What if there is glue on the item I want repaired?
A: Glue can often be removed from glass using acetone. If you have an item you want repaired that has glue on it, the glue will need to be removed before we can accept it for repair. All repairs received in the studio with glue on them will be denied.

Q: What is the cost of repair?
A: Our minimum repair fee is $50(+tax) and goes up from there.

Q: What kind of items can be repaired?
A: We can accept repairs for any glass items made with borosilicate glass, including but not limited to repairs on bongs/waterpipes, most other glass smoking accessories, lab equipment, and other borosilicate items. The majority of glass smoking ware is made with borosilicate, as well as most glass lab equipment. There are many other things that can be made with borosilicate glass as well, though if you are unsure which type of glass your item is made out of we will decline the repair being that we work exclusively with borosilicate glass at our studio.

Q: Are you able to tell me which type of glass my item in need of repair is made from?
A: If the item is a smoking pipe or lab ware, it is most likely borosilicate glass. Feel free to reach out to us for confirmation for these items by sending us a photo. For all other items, we recommend doing some research about where the item came from, when it was made, and seeing if you can get confirmation about the type of glass from whomever produced it. Sometimes the differences between the types of glass are visible and we can tell you if it is not borosilicate, but without a guarantee that the item is borosilicate it will be denied for repair.

Q: How often do repairs fail?
A: The majority of our repairs survive the process, but about 5% of them do not.

Q: What causes a repair to fail?
A: Often a failed repair is caused by unseen pressures within the item, particularly where there is a weld or where the item has been more heavily worked. Items with more welds or worked areas have a higher risk of failure, as well as imported items from China. If the item has a crack in it coming off from the broken area, this can increase failure risk. Certain colors encased in clear glass (especially greens) can also have a higher failure risk due to their chemical make-up causing the colors to heat up at varying temperatures leading to additional pressures within the glass. 

Q: Why is glass made in China more likely to break/fail during repair?
A: Imported glass items from china are typically not annealed. Annealing is a process of heat-soaking glass at a high temperature for a few hours after having been formed, then slowly cooling it to relieve residual internal stresses introduced during manufacture. Inadequately annealed glass is likely to crack or shatter when subjected to relatively small temperature changes.

Q: How long do repairs take?
A: Our average turn-around for repairs is 2.5 weeks, but can range anywhere from 3 days to 5+ weeks depending on how busy we are, what the item is, and how complex the repair is. We do offer expedited repair services for an additional fee starting at $25.

Q: Can I ship my item instead of setting up an appointment to drop it off?
A: Absolutely, though you will be responsible for return shipping charges which will be added to your final total.